Koegler verjuice

Even the Romans knew his
Healing effect on the stomach and intestines
appreciate! Today, bartenders and
Top chefs Verjus as an exclusive substitute
rediscovered for vinegar.
The name "Verjus" is from the
French derived and means
"green juice". What is meant by that
the juice of unripe grapes.

We have been producing our own KOEGLER Verjus from the best Riesling grapes since 2003 and would like to share our passion for it with you. Verjuice is bottled cold and sterile and is not pasteurized. As a result, it retains special freshness and fruit aromas.

Have fun,

Your family Koegler!

0% alcohol - 100% fun!

What is verjuice?


Agraz, Agrest, Verjus. In the English-speaking world
he is called verjuice . It's called in French
jus vert green juice. The popular one in the Middle Ages
Juice of green, unripe grapes is in the upscale
German cuisine and returned to the bars and in the best way
ways, with its fine aromatic lemon acidity
and vinegar competition.

Agraz is the historical name from the middle of the
14th century, which became Agrest or agresto (Italian
for peasant). So far for
terminology of grape juice,
which is not an invention of the winegrowers. in the Middle Ages,
obtained as vinegar from wine and at most in noble houses
was used when lemons were still unknown in this country
were made by housewives from their own grapes

Verjuice for seasoning.

Today, Australian, French and Swiss winemakers have specialized in it, and in recent years more and more experimental German colleagues have followed, who produce the extract in a complex manual process without preservatives. For them, the green grapes are not a by-product of thinning out vines for the purpose of must concentration. Rather, they harvest specially selected grapes early. You start hand-picking the still unripe and yet plump berries in midsummer, from mid-July to early August. Then the grapes have a gentle sweetness, a lot of acidity and a fine aroma. Freshly filled in the still unopened bottle, the Verjus shines light yellow-greenish and has a shelf life of three to four years. Once opened, it should be refrigerated and used within four to five weeks.

Cooking with verjuice?

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